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Flex :: Connecting to the Debugger
There are occasions where debugging from the Flex/Eclipse IDE isn't possible. When this occurs, instead of resorting to Alert or logs, you can attach the debugger to a running application (standalone SWF). The debug version of the Flash player is required for this to work (Debuggers located here).

Click the arrow next to "Debug", go to "Debug Configurations" and create a new launch configuration. Uncheck and delete the default value in “URL or path to launch” and enter a non-existent URL like “http://localhost/foo.swf”. Now click “Debug” at the bottom right of the dialog box. A browser will open and result in 404. You can now go to or launch the standalone SWF, right click and "connect to debugger" at localhost. The IDE should then link up into your code and you'll have a debugging session. Set your breakpoints and have a happy coding session! =)